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Drones, Software, Learning, and Repairs for the Pros

Founded in 2012

Originally started as a professional camera shop, DSLRPros pivoted into drones with the launch of the DJI Phantom series. Soon after the innovative founders of DSLRPros created the P2 Nighthawk kit which was the first DJI+FLIR thermal drone solution.

Joined Enterprise UAS in 2015

The founders of Enterprise UAS acquired the DSLRPros website in the fall of 2015 to provide thermal drone solutions to the public safety industry.

#1 FLIR sUAS Dealer

By closely partnering with FLIR sUAS and DJI, DSLRPros has grown to be the #1 FLIR sUAS Dealer in the world with a focus on commercial thermal drone solutions.

The Professional’s Source for Drones

Founded in 2012

Aerial Media Pros was founded by cinema and media professional Patrick Smith, who had a vision of putting high-end RED cameras on DJI air frames. His innovative thinking paved the way for the aerial cinema technology we see today.

Serving Multiple Industries

As a leading DJI Enterprise Dealer, the company expanded beyond cinema products to include solutions for Public Safety, Energy, Agriculture, Construction, and Inspection. Today, the brand offers a wide array of enterprise drone solutions.

Joined Enterprise UAS in 2019

The founders of Enterprise UAS had a close relationship with Aerial Media Pros for many years and decided to join forces to create a stronger and more diversified company.

Drone Sales, Rentals, and Repairs

Founded in 2012

Dronefly was founded in 2012 by award winning director and cinematographer Taylor Chien and quickly grew to be one of the largest online retailers and repair centers for DJI drones.

Joined Enterprise UAS in 2016

Enterprise UAS and Dronefly had a long history of working together and, when CEO Taylor Chien decided to go full-time into film making, he asked the founders of Enterprise UAS to acquire his company.

Sales, Rentals, and Repairs

Dronefly has expanded beyond drone sales to offer expanded repair services, short-term rentals, and commercial leasing for key clients. Speak with a UAS Sales Consultant for more information.