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Introduction to Commercial Drones

Commercial drones are becoming increasingly common in the United States. Although commercial drone technology has been around for years, its application was limited to only a few […]

M30 Series Deep Dive With DJI’s Michael Li

The Matrice 30 – Introduction The Matrice 30 Is The Latest Addition to DJI’s Enterprise Line Daniel: What’s up? This is Daniel coming to you from the […]

The M30 Series – Specs and Features Rundown

The release of the DJI M30 series this year has plenty of people hyped – and for good reason. While the DJI Matrice 300 RTK remains the undisputed king when it […]

The Autel Evo II Enterprise Thermal Series

From public safety to energy inspection and more, the Autel Evo II Enterprise Thermal series has plenty of features that make them a compelling asset for any […]

It’s Official – The DJI Matrice 300 RTK Is The Most Versatile Drone In The World

A Crowded Field There is no shortage of drone options on the market when it comes to the commercial drone industry. From small, cheap drones that are […]

DJI Enterprise 2022 – New Drone, New Payload and More!

It’s Christmas in March! At least, that’s how it might feel for fans of DJI’s Enterprise line. The world’s leading drone manufacturer just announced a slew of […]

The New DJI Enterprise Line

DJI has just announced a slew of new Enterprise products – from a powerful new flying platform, a fully remote fleet management system, and an automated docking and recharging […]

Saving Lives – Drones In Action

When a 14-year-old boy from New York went missing in Jacob Riis State Park, his mother was concerned and sought assistance from the police. The NYPD’s Aviation […]

How Drones Are Saving Lives

When a 14-year-old child with autism from New York went missing in Jacob Riis State Park, his mother was distressed and called the police for help. The NYPD’s Aviation […]

The Best Law Enforcement Drones of 2022

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly turning to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as “drones,” to assist officers in their daily duties. As per a 2020 study by […]

Drone Fleets as a Toolkit for Enterprise Operations

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology has indeed come a long way from the days when workers would send a small, lone remote-controlled aircraft to check for objects […]

Drone LiDAR vs Drone Photogrammetry

The Two Best Ways To Capture Data LiDAR and Photogrammetry have long been critical tools to capture data for surveying and mapping professionals, allowing them to gain […]

The Best Public Safety Drones of 2022

Drones have dramatically improved public safety operations around the world. The effectiveness of drones as force multipliers in public safety operations cannot be overstated. In recent years, […]

Firmware Update Roundup – Early February

One of the coolest things about the drone industry is how quickly the technology advances.  Even cooler, your drone’s capabilities aren’t set in stone at the time […]

The Autel Evo II Line-Up

Autel Robotics has proven to be an exciting company in the field of unmanned flight systems since they were founded in 2014. Autel released its highly advanced EVO II […]

Volunteer Thermal Drone Pilot Helps Rescue Missing Boy

On October 15, 2019 in Central Minnesota, six year old Ethan Haus went missing in the woods for over 10 hours after running off after school to […]

DSLRPros Looks At The FLIR Vue TZ20-R!

TELEDYNE FLIR has long been at the forefront of developing high-quality thermal imaging systems. Featuring cutting-edge technology and designed to satisfy the needs of their customers, their […]

Comparing DJI L1 vs P1

Two Powerful Surveying Tools Drones have long been used for aerial surveying, which has proven to be one of the most popular use cases for UAS. And […]

DJI L1 – LIDAR For The Masses

LiDAR has always been the gold standard for precision surveying, but until recently it has been priced out of reach for most surveyors. The systems were extremely […]

The Best Thermal Drones and Thermal Cameras of 2022

Anyone who’s been keeping track of the drone industry in the last several years has seen, felt, or at least heard of the impact that drone thermal […]

Check Out The New DJI Mavic 3

The Mavic 3 is an advanced drone from DJI that features a dual-camera system, an updated sensor, extended flight time, and advanced obstacle avoidance. With a Hasselblad branded […]

What Is The Most Important Asset For Your Drone Operations? It’s Probably Not What You Think

The drone industry is growing fast. According to Brandessence Market Research, the size of the drone industry will hit $40.9 Bn in 2027. Therefore, it’s important that your […]

The Mavic 3 Is Here. What It Means For Public Safety.

It’s been over three years since the release of the DJI Mavic 2 line. And now, the next generation Mavic 3 has finally arrived. In this article, we’re […]

Why Your DJI M300 Needs The New V3 Firmware

With DJI’s latest firmware update for the M300, they have introduced a host of new features which are sure to make a positive impact on your operations.  With updates […]


The Brinc Lemur is a powerful aircraft that has already proven itself to be a solid asset for law enforcement entities around the country. Let’s take a look […]

Why You Need The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

When DJI released the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, everybody was impressed by the controls, thermal imaging capabilities, and visual spectrum camera. Not one to rest on their laurels, DJI recently […]

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom vs Enterprise vs Enterprise Dual

Although the original Mavic (the Mavic Pro, 2016) released by DJI has been around for a couple years, the second half of 2018 saw several updated iterations […]

DJI Mavic Pro Gimbal Camera Repair

1. Remove the Mavic Pro’s propellers and battery. 2. With the Mavic Pro drone on its base remove the top 6 hex screws. 3. Next flip over […]

DJI Zenmuse XT vs DJI Zenmuse XT2: Lenses, Resolutions, and Framerates

Aerial thermal imaging cameras have a wide variety of uses and applications, from search and rescue to asset inspections, to precision agriculture. Whatever your field may be, […]

Best Drones for Natural Disaster Response

Nearly every week there’s a report in the news of another natural disaster somewhere in the world. Last week there was an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. […]

5 Best Thermal (Infrared) Drones

What is thermal imaging? What is infrared imaging? Thermal Imaging sensors are commonly referred to with terms such as thermal camera, temperature camera, heat vision camera, infrared camera, […]


InterDrone, now on its third year is the premier show for drone pilots, service providers, manufacturers, and enterprise users.  This year at InterDrone 2018 we saw new […]

DJI Drone Batteries, Charging Hubs, & Drone Tethers

  Staying airborne to capture vital information can mean the difference between catching the suspect or losing them. In this post, we will walk through the drones, […]


The United States’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has jurisdiction over airspace and is responsible for making sure that air traffic flies smoothly, efficiently, and safely. Anyone operating […]

The New Must Have Thermal Drone Camera

The New DJI Zenmuse XT2 The DJI Zenmuse XT2 is the next iteration of thermal drone cameras by DJI. With side-by-side visual and thermal imaging sensors, this camera […]

A DJI Matrice 210 Saves a Life

        Officials from the Moore County sheriff’s office saved a missing 11-year-old with their recently purchased thermal police drone, reports ABC 11 Eyewitness News. With a family […]

Best Drones for Agriculture and Farming

From crop scouting to crop sensing drones equipped with multispectral cameras are capable of detecting crop health. Drones are saving farmers money with the ability to carry […]


Drones are quickly becoming the most widely used tool for many industries. From Police and Fire Departments to farming collectives, drones have become essential to boosting safety […]

Industry Focus: What Makes Drones Great for Search and Rescue

Drones are quickly becoming the most widely used tool for many industries. From Police and Fire Departments to farming collectives, drones have become essential to boosting safety […]

Dronefly Tutorials: Matrice 200 Series Updates and Calibrations

Waiting on your Matrice 200, or just receive it? Check out our tutorial on updating and calibrating your M200 before going out for your first flight. When it […]

Industry Focus: Drones for Fire Departments

News about drones inhibiting fire fighting crews is everywhere. While it is true that irresponsible use of UAVs is a major problem for fire departments around the […]

Industry Focus: Police Department Drones

When it comes to tools for police work, most people would immediately think gun, patrol car, radio. But what about drones? Drones are quickly becoming a widely […]

DJI Matrice 200 Maiden Voyage & Workflow

The Matrice 200 Series is DJI’s new flagship industrial drone solution, and we’re excited to show you how easy it is to set up! With this impressive addition to […]

DJI Thermal Analysis Tool Tutorial – DSLRPros Official Blog

Learn how to analyze the Radiometric Thermal images from your Zenmuse H20T or XTS camera. If you own a Matrice 300 drone, this is the software you […]


One question we get quite often is how to do updates and calibrations on aircraft. We’ve joined up with our friends at DSLRPros to offer some simple videos showing […]

Inspire 1 with Zenmuse XT Combo Startup Guide

Have you recently purchased an Inspire 1 and Zenmuse XT combo and need a little help getting started? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With this quick and […]

Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Modes (Tutorial and Review)

  The DJI Mavic Pro is extremely popular mostly due to it’s extremely compact, foldable design. DJI sweetened the deal with the Mavic by giving it some […]

Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Modes (Tutorial and Review)

  The DJI Mavic Pro is extremely popular mostly due to it’s extremely compact, foldable design. DJI sweetened the deal with the Mavic by giving it some […]

DJI Matrice 200 Series: The Perfect Industrial Drone Solution

DJI has recently added the Matrice 200 to its fleet of commercial/industrial drone solutions. With three different options and multiple configurations for each, this aircraft will fulfill […]


Drone software is designed to provide the extra help and control you want when flying a quadcopter. The latest drones from brands such as DJI and 3D Robotics generally […]

The BRINC LEMUR Wants To Change Modern Policing

As the abilities of drones rapidly advance, so do their potential use cases. Use of specialized drones for public safety applications is now becoming more widely adopted; […]

The Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced – What You Need To Know

DJI’s Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced Uses Powerful Thermal Imaging, Zoom Capabilities, and RTK Compatibility To Give Industrial Inspection Teams The Data They Need. With the release of […]

Get To Know The DJI P1 Payload For Aerial Survey – DSLRPros Official Blog

We at DSLRPros are always impressed by DJI’s commitment to creating technology for enterprise level needs. With the release of the Zenmuse P1, DJI is now offering a highly advanced payload […]

The Definitive Guide for The Autel EVO 2 Drone Series – DSLRPros Official Blog

Since their founding in 2014, Autel Robotics has shown themselves to be an exciting company in the field of Unmanned Flight Systems. In 2020, Autel released its highly advanced EVO […]

5 Revolutionary Public Safety Benefits of Drones – DSLRPros Official Blog

”In times of disasters and ongoing humanitarian issues around the globe, getting much- needed aid and supplies to affected areas can pose a challenge. Unmanned aircraft systems […]

The Latest Features of DJI M300 RTK Firmware Update V2.11

One of the great things about drone technology is that it is always advancing.  But that doesn’t mean you have to wait to buy the next version […]

DJI M300 VS. M210: Which One Is Right For You? DSLRPros Official Blog

With the announcement of the DJI Matrice 300 back in May, people have been wondering what improvements DJI has made to the M210 model and which product best fits their needs. […]

How Thermal Drones Fight Wildfires – DSLRPros Official Blog

In the last 10 years, the threat of wildfires has increased for towns and communities, small and large. The layman might not be familiar with the term […]

What Happened at DJI Airworks 2020? Drone Industry Challenges and Resilience – DSLRPros Official Blog

Since 2016, Airworks has served as the preeminent annual hub for innovation and growth in the drone industry; bringing together business partners, software developers, and public safety officials […]

Airdata Enterprise – Drone Fleet Management Made Easy! – DSLRPros Official Blog

Gain unparalleled access to each of the drones in your fleet like never before with this must-have software. Visually see the entire flight with a 2D model […]

Autel EVO II Dual – Made in the U.S.A. – DSLRPros Official Blog

Made in the USA!  The Autel EVO II Dual Drone features payload upgrades, data security and celebrated domestic workmanship.  All are celebrated features on Autel’s new EVO II Dual […]

DJI Zenmuse H20T + Matrice 300 Sample Footage – DSLRPros Official Blog

Designed for the Matrice 300 RTK Series, the Zenmuse H20T is an industrial-grade remote sensing powerhouse. This camera/gimbal comes with a wide-angle view, zoom capability, laser range distance finder, and a […]

DJI Matrice 300 RTK VS 210: What is the Difference? – DSLRPros Official Blog

Learn about the differences between the Matrice 300 RTK and the Matrice 200 series. See the upgrades to the new DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone below. Not […]

What is Pix4Dreact? Best Quick Mapping Software for DJI Mavic and Phantom – DSLRPros Official Blog

Aerial map-making capabilities have been a game-changer in many industries, including surveying, construction, mining, and more. Industry leader Pix4D has been instrumental in leading this progress, developing the software […]

What is the Difference Between Pix4D, Drone Deploy, and DJI Terra? – DSLRPros Official Blog

Aerial mapping has come a long way in recent years, both in terms of overall map quality and what’s possible with the images and types of maps […]

Best Case for Mavic 2 Enterprise – GPC – DSLRPros Official Blog

The Mavic 2 Enterprise foam from GPC gives the user the ability to get most out of their drone kit. The space-saving design and superior layout over […]

DJI Enterprise Drone Training

  In this video, Marc and Derrick travel to Mississippi to teach a large manufacturing company on how to use the DJI Matric 210. Drone training is […]

What is the DJI Zenmuse Z30 IR-Cut Filter? – DSLRPros Official Blog

How can the Z30 see light coming from the strobes and flashlight? The Z30’s image sensor can detect wavelengths outside of the visible spectrum of light (what your eye […]

Police UAS (Drones) Training – Northern California – DSLRPros Official Blog

DJI and Enterprise UAS (DSLRPros) hosted another 2-day public safety event for Northern California public safety professionals interested in starting or expanding their UAS program. The drone […]

senseFly Partners with Distribution Powerhouse Enterprise UAS to Strengthen US Footprint

Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, June 20, 2019 —senseFly, the leading provider of fixed-wing drone solutions, has signed a new master distribution agreement with Enterprise UAS Inc to strengthen its […]

Neat Brands Reveals Exciting Rebrand to Enterprise UAS And Acquires Aerial Media Pros

Neat Brands, a leading provider of commercial UAS technology adoption and solutions, has revealed the business’ rebrand to Enterprise UAS. The company’s announcement comes at an exciting […]

Best Drones (UAVs) for Firefighting in 2019 – DSLRPros Official Blog

When it comes to firefighting, and indeed any public safety application, it’s essential to get the best tools for the job. When people’s lives are on the […]

Police & Fire (Drones) UAS Bootcamp – Southern California – DSLRPros Official Blog

In response to local official’s request for more information on drones, DSLRPros sought to provide an in-person training experience and educational panel at no cost to attendees. […]

Parrot Bluegrass Fields vs SenseFly eBee X – DSLRPros Official Blog

Let’s face it. It can be overwhelming to sift through all the fine print on all the options on the market when trying to find the right […]

DJI Matrice 200 V2, 210 V2 and 210 RTK V2 – DSLRPros Official Blog

The Matrice 200 platform was first introduced on February 26th, 2017. Now on February 21st, 2019 DJI has given a mid-cycle update to the popular Matrice 200 series.  […]

DJI Matrice 200 vs Matrice 210: What is the Difference? – DSLRPros Official Blog

The DJI Matrice 200 series drone is a true workhorse, designed and built for heavy duty applications such as utility and infrastructure inspections, search and rescue, precision […]

A Glossary of Drone Terminology and Vocabulary – DSLRPros Official Blog

UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) Unmanned aircraft, such as drones, controlled by an operator on the ground. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) uses the term UAS to reflect […]

Search and Rescue Drones (UAV) News – DSLRPros Official Blog

Search and Rescue Drone (UAVs) News Roundup This past spring, DJI published a report on the beneficial use of drones in saving lives, especially in the use of search […]

DJI Matrice 200 vs DJI Inspire 1 V.2 – DSLRPros Official Blog

When it comes to commercial applications, most businesses require a little bit more of a workhorse than your run-of-the-mill DJI Mavic or DJI Phantom. If you like […]

Parrot sensFly eBee X, Parrot ANAFI Work – DSLRPros Official Blog

At Interdrone 2018 we met up with the Parrot Business Solutions team to learn about their new products! Featured is the Parrot ANAFI Work, SensFly eBee X with […]

ParaZero SafeAir Drone Parachute – DSLRPros Official Blog

 Operating a remote-controlled flying aircraft is nerve-racking. Add an expensive camera payload, power lines, crowds of people, birds, and trees now every subtle move on the […]

DJI Zenmuse Z30 – Zoom Footage & Compatible Drones – DSLRPros Official Blog

   The DJI Zenmuse Z30 is DJI’s premium long-range zoom camera. This camera is ideal for inspection, survey, monitoring ground personnel, and for active shooter scenarios. The Zenmuse […]

What Does Having a Part 107 Drone (UAS) License Mean? – DSLRPros Official Blog

With a Part 107 drone license, you can now legally make money with your drone. If you want to sell your amazing aerial pictures and videos you […]

How to Get Funding for Your Drone (UAV) Program – DSLRPros Official Blog

Drone Grant Resource Center Is your public safety organization looking to start a drone (UAV) program? We here at DSLRPros have compiled the best resources to get funding so […]

Thermal Drones Continue to Save Lives – DSLRPros Official Blog

Lost in the woods? A buzzing from above could be the key to your survival. DJI, “From May 2017 to April 2018, DJI has counted 65 people […]

The New DJI Zenmuse XT2 – DSLRPros Official Blog

The DJI Zenmuse XT2 is the next evolution of thermal drone cameras by DJI. With side-by-side visual and thermal imaging sensors, this camera enables operators to capture […]

Inside The Phantom 4 Drone – DSLRPros Official Blog

Source: The Anatomy of a Drone by Dronefly.com

DSLRPros.com Moves to a New 15,000 Square Foot Facility! – DSLRPros Official Blog

DSLRPros moves from Canoga Park to Chatsworth, California to continue to expand its industrial drone operations. DSLRPros was founded as a camera rental business in 2012. It […]

Thermal Drones Search and Rescue Report – DSLRPros Official Blog

Thermal Drones are saving lives. Freezing night-time winter temperatures make manned search extremely difficult. Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras such as the DJI Matrice 210 drone with a Zenmuse […]

What’s New at InterDrone 2018 – September 24 – DSLRPros Official Blog

Over the years InterDrone has changed its focus from a mixed consumer and commercial expo to an event focused on drones and how they can be used […]

How are drones used in agriculture? – DSLRPros Official Blog

Our friends over at Dronefly.com made this infographic showing how drones are being used in agriculture and farming.  Take a look!   “Read the full blog post on DSLRPros.com“

DSLRPros’ New Website Takes Off! – DSLRPros Official Blog

ur website has been completely redesigned! DSLRPros has been a leader in enterprise drone solutions for years, and now our website shows it! We have updated the website […]

How to set up Matrice 210 RTK Ground Station and Datalink – DSLRPros Official Blog

This photo tutorial is a step-by-step instruction guide to getting your Matrice 210 RTK up to full functioning order. DJI shipped its first RTK units without the […]

How are drones used for construction? – DSLRPros Official Blog

The uses for drones are constantly expanding as new sensors and software are being implemented. We’ve covered uses for public safety including Police, Firefighting, and Search and Rescue. The uses certainly […]

Police and Law Enforcement Drones Infographic – DSLRPros Official Blog

Our friends over at Dronefly.com released their first infographic showing police drone use cases. Situational awareness gives officers protection from ambush when approaching a scene. Additionally, drones can clear […]

Drones for Agriculture – DSLRPros Official Blog

Agriculture drones provide farmers and agronomists with actionable data regarding crop health.  Drones equipped with spraying equipment and near-infrared sensors will be the future of farming. Drones […]

Drones for SAR (Search and Rescue) – DSLRPros Official Blog

Drones are quickly becoming the most widely used tool for many industries. From Police and Fire Departments to farming collectives, drones have become essential to boosting safety […]

Drones for Firefighting – DSLRPros Official Blog

News about drones inhibiting fire fighting crews is everywhere. While it is true that irresponsible use of UAVs is a major problem for fire departments around the […]

First Impressions: DJI’s Matrice 210 – DSLRPros Official Blog

The day has come! DSLRPros recently received our first Matrice 210 from DJI. The customer that particular unit was shipping to needed it quickly for damage assessment in the […]

Drones for Police – DSLRPros Official Blog

When it comes to tools for police work, most people would immediately think gun, patrol car, radio. But what about drones? Drones are quickly becoming a widely […]

Sentera NDVI Webinar FAQs – DSLRPros Official Blog

We held our Sentera NDVI webinar August 11, 2017, to give an introduction to NDVI analysis with a focus on Sentera sensors and UAV platforms. Below is […]

DSLRPros Tutorials: How to Update and Calibrate DJI Matrice 200 – DSLRPros Official Blog

Waiting on your Matrice 200, or just receive it? Check out our tutorial on updating and calibrating your M200 before going out for your first flight. When […]

MATRICE 200: Maiden Voyage – DSLRPros Official Blog

The Matrice 200 series is DJI’s new flagship industrial drone solution, and though it is meant for work, anyone that owns a drone knows the first thing […]

Aerial Thermal Imaging Fundamentals Webinar Q&A – DSLRPros Official Blog

On June 30, 2017, we completed our Aerial Thermal Imaging Fundamentals webinar. This was to help people reach a very basic understanding of thermal imaging from a […]

Inspire 1 w/ Zenmuse XT Maiden Voyage – DSLRPros Official Blog

In this video, we have a quick and simple startup tutorial for the Inspire 1 and Zenmuse XT combo. If you need to know how to power […]

Flyability Introduces Range Extender – DSLRPros Official Blog

Swiss drone manufacturer Flyability has created a buzz in the inspection industry with its flagship aircraft Elios. If you’re not familiar, it is basically a small quadcopter […]

Zenmuse XT (Radiometric) Walkthrough and Benefits of Live View – DSLRPros Official Blog

In this video, Robert walks us through some useful features of the Zenmuse XT Radiometric thermal camera and gimbal system. The temperature alert feature is great for quickly finding […]

Search and Rescue Drone Solutions: Z30 Highlight – DSLRPros Official Blog

Drones have completely changed the way we approach many different industries, and as the technology gets more advanced so do their applications. Search and Rescue In many […]

What does the Info on SD Memory Card Mean? – DSLRPros Official Blog

If you’re someone who loves tech gadgets, you likely have a bunch of SD cards and microSD cards laying around. Memory cards can be found in a […]

Why LiPo Bags are Essential for Battery Safety – DSLRPros Official Blog

There are many steps to ensure safe practices of LiPo battery care. It is important that you are charging and handling your LiPo batteries with the upmost […]

DSLR Pros Returns Under New Ownership – DSLRPros Official Blog

How does a company sky rocket from zero to $10 million in annual revenue within a span of a few years, and then fall back to zero […]

3 Things Most People Don’t Know about Thermal Imaging – DSLRPros Official Blog

As a professional or amateur in the field of photography, knowing the newest technologies as well as the most advanced technologies can make all the difference in […]

3 Ways Drones Save Lives – DSLRPros Official Blog

Though many may consider the main use of drones as a way for the military to enhance their targeting, spying and general operations, there are many ways […]