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Enterprise UAS, Inc., was founded on the vision of a world where drones are used for good. Much in the same way that cars and computers changed our world, we believe unmanned technology is the next leap forward. We help our clients adopt and scale UAS technology with an end-to-end offering of quality products and personalized services.
Our focus is in commercial and enterprise unmanned aerial systems (or UAS for short) as is clearly stated in our corporate moniker. UAS is a broadly encompassing term that includes hardware, software, processes, and people. We provide our clients with support and solutions in every aspect of UAS.

Building a world where drones are used for good

Public Safety

Using drones to keep our fire fighters and law enforcement officers safe by providing situational awareness and gathering valuable data to save lives and property.


Using drones to empower the smarter farming movement. Gathering data for crop management to improve crop harvest yield, reduce irrigation water waste, and fight disease.


Using drones to inspect energy infrastructure while keeping workers safe. Green energy sources such as Wind and Solar will rely heavily on drones for inspection and maintenance.


Using drones for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) will help improve efficiency, survey land, monitor stockpiles, and remotely manage projects

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The Enterprise UAS Dealer Network


Founded in 2012, DSLRPros has been a leader and innovator in Thermal Drone solutions since it launched the first FLIR / DJI solution in 2014. The brand is the #1 FLIR sUAS dealer in the world and primarily serves clients in public safety, energy, and inspection.

Aerial Media Pros

Founded in 2012, Aerial Media Pros was a pioneer in professional cinema solutions using drones. The brand has expanded to serve public safety, construction and agriculture.


Founded in 2012, Dronefly quickly became the largest online retailer of DJI products and developed a cult following of professional drone pilots. The brand continues to provide the full line of DJI Enterprise products.

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