First Response Suite Edgybees – Hands On

Edgybees first responder demo

The First Response suite comprises three different software application tools that enhance the situational awareness of pilots and commanders. At its core, Edgybees is software that displays real-time information such as street names onto the UAS live video feed in real time. The first response command and control app displays the information from first response piolt and first response tracker. First response tracker relays the phones GPS location to first response piolt and command and control. This allows individual crew members or teams to be easily identified of their location when on the scene for immediate situational awareness. In this video, we will go through the different features on the first response suite and show how the interface looks on each of the device platforms. 

Edgybees first responder demo

edgybees frst response diagram

  • – First Response Air Pilot app Brings Augmented Reality, map layers, markers and SMS to the drone pilot.
  • – Command and Control allows the commanders to monitor drones, personnel, and other assets.
  • – Tracker app allows pilots and commanders to track personnel and assets by integrating them into video streams and maps.

How to download First Response Air Pilot app onto the DJI Crystal Sky.

  1. Open applications, go to the web browser, go to edgybees website and go to downloads.
  2. Click on the First Response Air App icon under the Android/ Crystal Sky to begin the download. Another tab will briefly open indicating that the download has begun.
  3. To see the progress of the download click the crystal sky settings home button located on the right side.
  4. Once the app is done downloading click on it, an Edgybee downloader helper will appear,  click next, and then install.