M30 Series Deep Dive With DJI’s Michael Li

The Matrice 30 – Introduction

The Matrice 30 Is The Latest Addition to DJI’s Enterprise Line

Daniel: What’s up? This is Daniel coming to you from the Dronefly workshop. And today we have a special guest in the house. Michael Li from DJI . We’re going to talk about the brand new Matrice 30. Don’t go anywhere. All right. So Michael, walk me around the Matrice 30.

Michael: This is a hybrid between the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced and the M300, some of the features are going to carry over such as the portability. And then the payload, as you can see, looks very similar right here, exactly like the H20, H20T. You have your propellers. You have your antennas right here, and then you have your RTK beacons.

Daniel: What is RTK?

Michael: RTK is real-time kinematic. It basically corrects for any errors for any satellites or anything like that. It’s really important in the mapping and surveying where every centimeter actually counts. Like if your map is wrong by a foot, it’s a big deal.

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