DJI M300 VS. M210: Which One Is Right For You? DSLRPros Official Blog

With the announcement of the DJI Matrice 300 back in May, people have been wondering what improvements DJI has made to the M210 model and which product best fits their needs. Each model features impressive specs with both their hardware and software. And both flight systems have an incredible amount of use applications. In this article, we will be taking a look at the differences between the M210 and the M300 and showing which unit is right for you.

DJI M300 vs M210 v2 Infographic

Flight Time

Both the M300 and M210 Matrice models boast unloaded flight times over 30 minutes. But while the M210 is capable of 34 minutes of flight, the M300 can fly for 55 minutes without a payload. The drastically increased flight time of the M300 enables users to collect more data with less flights. For those who work in fire safety, search and rescue, or line inspection, longer flights are essential to safety and efficiency. But for those working in surveying or crop inspection, longer flight times may not be as necessary, nor worth the higher price tag.


With increased flight times comes the ability to cover a significantly greater distance. Of course, one can only fly as far as they can transmit and in this regard, the M300 again shows significant improvements over the M210. With a transmission range of 15 km, the Matrice 300 nearly doubles the M210’s 8 km range.


When flying missions over a large area or a small area with many waypoints, being able to fly for longer will make completing your survey or inspection easier and quicker. The long transmission range of the M300 also enables users to not have to move their take off location every time they change flight areas. For these reasons, we recommend the M300 to anybody who will be flying missions over a larger area.


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