How Drones Are Saving Lives

When a 14-year-old child with autism from New York went missing in Jacob Riis State Park, his mother was distressed and called the police for help. The NYPD’s Aviation Unit sprung into action with a drone equipped with thermal imaging cameras and started canvassing the area. Within 10 minutes, the child was located and reunited with the parents, unharmed and safe.

Heartwarming stories like this restore our faith not only in humanity but also in the technology that is empowering us to do more than ever before. Who would have thought that drones would one day swoop down like Batman, save lives and disappear into the night?

Undoubtedly, the world we know of is entering a new era of drone technology innovation where UAVs are saving lives every single day.

And as drones continue to evolve, it seems we’ll be hearing a lot more of such stories of drones in action.



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