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Search and Rescue Drone (UAVs) News Roundup

This past spring, DJI published a report on the beneficial use of drones in saving lives, especially in the use of search and rescue. The report is called More Lives Saved: A Year of Drone Rescues Around the World, and comes as an update on a similar publication of the previous year called, “Lives Saved: A Survey of Drones in Action.” Between these two surveys, DJI has counted reports of at least 124 lives saved as a result of the use of drones in search and rescue operations. It is important to note that these surveys only include English-language news reports, so it’s safe to assume that the number of lives saved is actually much greater than that number.

The news reports included cases of stranded hikers, missing persons, swimmers in distress, and victims of natural disasters. And the good news keeps coming – since the release of the DJI survey, more news reports continue to show how drones are an invaluable tool in the hands of search and rescue teams all over the world.

In June of 2017, two hikers in Colorado got lost on Devil’s Head Trail, and an emergency response team was called out for the search and rescue mission. The response team included foot searchers, ATVs, a K-9 team and also an unmanned aerial vehicle team. The UAV team was able to get up in the air and cover miles of the trail before the foot search team even got started. With the information provided by the drone, the hikers were found within just two hours.

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