The Definitive Guide for The Autel EVO 2 Drone Series – DSLRPros Official Blog

Since their founding in 2014, Autel Robotics has shown themselves to be an exciting company in the field of Unmanned Flight Systems. In 2020, Autel released its highly advanced EVO II line of compact drone solutions. With five distinct models to choose from, the question of which EVO II is right for your needs can be difficult to answer.

Join us as we dive into the differences and similarities between these powerful crafts and discuss specific use cases.


The five crafts within the EVO II series all feature similar hardware and software specifications. With flight times between 35 and 40 minutes, maximum flight speeds of 45 MPH, and a 5.5 Mile transmission range, the EVO II series of crafts have been built for long flights, great distances, and with high speed capabilities. EVO II crafts also share impressive AI driven software including omnidirectional avoidance and Autel’s powerful Dynamic Track 2.0. This cutting edge technology enables the EVO II to identify an object in motion, model that object’s trajectory, and follow it automatically while avoiding potential obstacles.

The crafts within the EVO II line are largely differentiated by the available payloads and their imaging capabilities.


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