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FAA Part 107 Certification

With a Part 107 drone license, you can now legally make money with your drone. If you want to sell your amazing aerial pictures and videos you must be certified. Say you’re a realtor and you have a DJI Mavic Pro, with a Part 107 certificate you can take pictures of the property and use the pictures and videos as marketing material. The same thing goes for if you are a ‘YouTuber’ and your channel is monetized. If you are in any way making money off your drone content, you need one of these. Offical FAA operating requirements can be found here, it includes rules for max flight speed, take-off weight, and other flight restrictions. The goal of the Part 107 is to ensure that people who are flying drones for business are doing so with an educated background of drone (UAV) and airspace safety.

What is on the Part 107 certificate test?

The 14 CFR part 107  FAA pilot license test is a 60 question multiple choice test. First, you must make an appointment at a registered FAA testing center. On the day of, you will go to the testing center and pay the testing fee. Online it does say $150, however at the Van Nuys airport, California testing center (where I took mine) it was $170. After you pay they will take you to a small room with a few computers in it and hand you a booklet with sectional charts in it. The test questions on the computer will reference different figures and diagrams in the booklet. The test is done on the computer so the results are immediate once you end the test. The test asks questions about regulations relating to small unmanned aircraft limitations, flight operation, airspace classification, operating requirements, aviation weather sources, effects of weather on small unmanned aircraft performance, emergency procedures, crew resource management, physiological effects of drugs while operating a drone, aeronautical decision-making, airport operations, maintenance and preflight inspection procedures. A great practice test is found here, it goes over very similar questions (even some of the same?) and it is even in the same format as the real deal. This test is challenging if you are not very familiar with aeronautical language, make sure you are ready! Once you pass the test, you will receive a physical part 107 license in the mail within the next month.


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